A warm greetings to the visitors of our site and we would like you to obtain some useful information once you exit the page. Basically, our association is giving full commitment on smoothing the path of timber industry as well as helping our committees in particular, in improving their product markets by opening the gateways for them to deal with the locals and even the abroad companies.

We had our mission clear on improving the timber export trade and contributing on the best impact of the timber industry. Here, we share the issues that is of concern, discuss and take an action which will solve the problem.

Latest News

  • Malaysia Guangdong Timber Coorporation 23 Sep 2015

    Our Association and the Malaysian Wood Industries Association (MWIA) has jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Guangzhou Timber Industries Association on 20 September 2015 in Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

  • MTIB : Industry Briefing Malaysian - Turkey Free Trade Agreement (MTFTA) 03 Sep 2015

    Please be informed that we understand from the briefing session that :

    1)      The MTFTA was effective 1st August 2015.

    2)      It offers free trade to products like HS 4402 (wood charcoal), 4412 (plywood), 4418 (BJC), and 9403 (wooden furniture).

    3)      MTFTA offers market access to Turkey.